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The Daylight Marriage
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Shanna Mahin
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Voltaire's Adventures Before Candide: And Other Improbable Tales
Martin D. Gibbs, Arthur Graham
I Am Pilgrim: A Thriller
Terry Hayes
The Quest
Nelson DeMille

Still Alice

Still Alice - Lisa Genova Received a copy of Still Alice by Lisa Genova through the First Reads Giveaway program in exchange for an honest review

In Cambridge Massachusetts Alice Howland is a cognitive psychology professor at Harvard while her husband John is a cancer cell biologist who conveniently also works at the same university. Alice's work has provided many breakthroughs in the field of psycholinguistics by utilizing a unique approach to the mechanisms of language. She is a globetrotting psychology enthusiast representing her field as well as her educational institution. As she is about to take the stage and deliver a speech that she has presented countless times she realizes that life as she once knew it would never be the same again.