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A Baker's Dozen: 13 Tales of Murder and More (13 Tales, #1)

A Baker's Dozen: 13 Tales of Murder and More (13 Tales, #1) - Eleanor Cawood Jones,  Dorothy Cawood Jones Received a copy of A Baker's Dozen by Eleanor Cawood Jones with Dorothy Cawood Jones through the First Reads Giveaway in exchange for an honest review

"Now dad, you don't have anything to worry about,"
said Fanny. "All my friends will be there to keep
me safe. Besides, if I don't get involved in a mystery,
however will I get to use my favorite word, 'intrigued'?"

Sometimes I will analyze my rating criteria and think to myself; "self, am I really that difficult when it comes to my assessment of books on the GoodReads rating system?" I will then, upon contemplation of these thoughts, will simultaneously read a book like A Baker's Dozen and realize "man was it really that hard to come up with a captivating book." This up and down and sporadic temperament makes me love the First Reads Giveaway. Right when you start feeling down about the quality of books you are reading or doubting the way you grade, you hit a stretch that makes you realize why you read the lesser knowns. With A Baker's Dozen their really is no reason to believe that this book will be anything special or subsist in my extended memory. However; with the eclectic mash up of these stories I was left impressed with the bredth of narrative and utter creativity undertaken in A Baker's Dozen. Here are some of the thoughts I had while reading this collection, if you don't get it, don't worry it's not you it's me. This book is filled with subtle gems of suburban mystery,typewriters are not left only for the Russians, a memorable scene from French film Le père Noel est une order (let's just say corpse defilement), real reality tv, precocious yet fallible teenage sleuths, animalistic redemption, elderly guile, farmhouse is for the dog's, no-cane no-able, sociopathics:a psychologist's nightmare, lower-level employees are not always on the level, who needs the Kwik-E-Mart?, and truth be told I was always skeptical of chicken.

"Now, remember, Molly," Pegz said sternly. "Don't go out
of the yard. And you can't die for a long, long time,
because funerals are a whole lot of trouble and they
aren't really much fun." There was a moment's hesitation.
"But they are very moving."

My favourites within this anthology were Exit 36, The Mystery of the Missing Tab, Burying Toby, Mrs.Gallagher, What Do I Know?, and The Sampler. If you notice the majority of these stories were at the start of the book. Typically this would influence my rating of this book in a negative tone, but these stories were very well done that I couldn't bring myself to hold it against the overall perception of the book. My least favourites were The Great Milk Quest, and Contestants Must Walk. These stories do showcase the writers versatility, but for me they weren't my cup of tea.

Overall, I found A Baker's Dozen by The Cawood Jones sisters to be surprisingly well-orchestrated and abound in its variety. I was expecting some sort of more mature tales of mystery aimed more towards the elderly that would leave a lot to be desired for the more younger attention-deficient mind. Boy was I wrong. These stories had a very lighthearted and cozy feeling to them. For being a short story collection it kept your attention from beginning to end with each story going in different direction it was difficult to determine where are final destination would be, knowing the only surety would be an absolute gripping read.

I would recommend this hot batch of salty yet unsavoury stories to anyone interested in mysteries with some violence, some coarse language but long on fun, humour, and INTRIGUE.